Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Press releases

I wanted to gather together all the press releases from the four years of the Conker Tree Science project, so here they are!

22 Jan 2014.The Moth vs the Crowd: Tracking an alien invader of conker trees using people power. [CEH]
30 Aug 2012. Nationwide mission underway to see if blue tits can help save our conker trees [CEH]

6 Jul 2011. Nationwide mission to save conkers from alien invaders gets underway [UoB]
9 Jul 2010. Can wasps help save Britain’s conker trees? [UoB]
10 Jun 2010. Conker trees facing peril from alien invaders [NERC] [UoB]
14 Jul 2009. School pupils help scientists research 'alien' moths damaging conker trees [UoB]

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